English summary

I only write in and translate into my native language: Dutch. Not Dutch? No problem! Let me give you an idea of who I am and what I do.

Travel translations into Dutch

I studied Slavonic linguistics and have been translating texts from English, Russian, Bulgarian and Czech into Dutch since 1999. Pretty soon after that, I started translating for cruise companies, airlines and other travel related companies. Since 2014, I only take on travel & tourism translations and I have added Swedish as a source language.

Travel copywriting in Dutch

Because I had a very creative approach to translation, it was only a small step to copywriting. Since 2014, copywriting for the travel industry is my main area of expertise. I write different kinds of texts about tourism and travel, such as blog posts, newsletters and texts for websites, brochures, magazines, catalogues and social media. 

My travel blog and country websites

In August 2013, I started travel blogging on my own blog, StralendSchrijven.nl, writing specifically about travel from the Netherlands to Northern and Eastern Europe. By 2019, I had around 50.000 unique visitors per month. For readers who are interested in one country in particular, I created websites about these countries:

Promote your product or destination

On Stralend schrijven, I do reviews of travel-related products and Scandinavian series, books and design. I also go on press trips to Northern and Eastern Europe (by myself or with my family, depending on what target group you want to promote your destination to)  and publish travel stories about the destinations I visit.

Please feel free to contact me and ask for my media kit, examples of earlier trips and resulting publications, or an idea of the social media coverage and blog post(s) I could do if you would invite me  to your destination or send me a product.

Please note:

  • Stralend schrijven is all about sharing positive experiences, but posts always are an honest reflection of my personal opinion.
  • Text and photo’s published on Stralend Schrijven are protected by copyright.
  • According to the code of conduct for advertising through social media if a blog post is a result of a cooperation between me and a destination and/or brand, I state that in or below the article. That way, my readers know I am being honest with them, which enlarges their trust in me and what I write.
  • According to Google policies, paid/sponsored links are marked ‘nofollow’.
  • In order to cover the cost of publishing this blog, I may use affiliate links in blog posts. Please let me know if you don’t want me to, so we can discuss alternative compensation.